Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vacation In China | Beijing Zoo and Aquarium

Beijing Zoo and Aquarium, located to the west of Beijing town (2km west of XiZhiMen subway station), next to the Beijing Exhibition Hall, has each rare Chinese animals, like the large Panda and therefore the Golden Monkey, and additionally a powerful choice from round the world – from Polar Bears to Kangaroos.

Beijing Zoo covers a section of quite 800,000 sq. meters and there are quite twenty areas. Beijing Zoo is about during a wealthy landscape of trees, hills and lakes, alongside a canal that flows all the thanks to the Summer Palace.

In addition to its public education role, Beijing Zoo is additionally a famous center of zoological analysis and conservation, inclusing variety of breeding programs. Beijing Zoo encompasses a long and productive history with big pandas. It absolutely was the primary to breed big pandas successfully (1963).

The grounds of Beijing Zoo mix cultivated flower gardens with stretches of natural scenery, together with dense groves of trees, streams, stretches of grassland, lotus ponds and little hills dotted with pavilions, some designed throughout the Qing Dynasty. Beijing Zoo combines the garden arts of the East and West and adapts to the setting of the animals living during a explicit space. Continue reading Beijing Zoo and Aquarium – China.
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