Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Got Everything Stowed Away

After getting all the wiring of the solar redone, we started to stow things away. It was quite the job, and I’d never thought that we had accumulated that much over the past 4 months. Of course it was another hot day again, but most work was done by noon. Most amazingly, we found room for it all. The last thing was shaking out the green outdoor carpet and stick it into the storage compartment. I also filled up the van with garbage and drove it down to the dumpster. If we would go to an even smaller RV it would mean a major change in life style. Spending the better part of a half year away from home doesn’t come without problems. And it facilitates a minimum RV size. I believe we have reached that size. I mean, after all we were running around the country in a 40ft. motor home last year. And before that in a 37ft Fiver!

So tomorrow we are rolling out of Dodge. If you watch the I-8 between Yuma and Casa Grande you might just spot us heading east.

See ya from a new location!

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