Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Streets Near Central Railway Station of Milan

As I just wrote, I was some times in Milan this year. I betrayed my usual hotels district and wanted to live near the railway station. I booked my hotel via (from the form here in the sidebar) where I found a good price, the better among all the other competitors, and so, I lived two steps from the Central station and from two different Metro stations.

Since I pass relatively often by central station of Naples, the difference between these two cities was the first thing I've noticed. And it was shocking.

Unbelievably clean and calm. There were young boys and girls in the evening but they were calm, too. There were some "strange" persons, and I felt not very sure when I had to pass near them. But they were not so intrusive.

This summer is stuffy in Milan, too. And the streets were dusty and hot. But it was a pleasure to walk in the streets of this city.

And this is the building of central railway station of Milan. Historical front but new and modern inside.

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