Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Birds Are Singing, Sun Is Shining, But Is It Spring?

It seemed to be an incredible transformation. Stepping outside I heard the birds singing their spring corals. No wind and I could finally get rid of the Long-Johns.  We went from ice-cold to 50F (10C) and full sunshine. Just couldn’t believe it.
So I decided to give those winter-rusty bones some exercise. Fired up the weed-whacker and threw myself over those nasty raspberries growing in the back of our property. There were young trees too. Those were cut down in short order by my Husquarna saw. Of course I made a mess of it. All those trees were thrown around and were soon looking like a huge tangle. So before I got myself all tangled up I stopped cutting down any more and rather concentrated on gathering those already down. We have a brush pile high as a house. Trying to throw these sticks up to the top of the pile might have looked like I was in training for some Olympic discipline. By lunch time I was thoroughly knocked out. Guess this line of work was a bit too much after spending almost 5 months on my back in the desert sun.

I remember doing similar stupid things a couple of years ago when I rolled a big log across my right foot. Well, I guess that was worse.
1-DSC_0079 What else did I do? Right, I removed those heavy batteries from the trailer. They need to be kept charged up. So I drove across the border paying a visit to our trailer. On my way back a few groceries needed to be picked up.

We also moved a wooden bench and table out of the shed. The bench is in need for some fixing up. I will take care of that soon. The last thing I did was getting the Red Lady out of the garage, firing up all 8 cylinders and taking her for a spin. That ole car is still of the reliable sort and starts up whenever asked to.
Now, the question is how long is the spring feeling lasting. Already the weather men are showing falling temps again. And there IS a slight NOR-WESTER blowing again.

Maybe you just try and wait with me!

Thanks for doing so!
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