Thursday, April 11, 2013


no overnight
You have probably seen this sign along your journey. We have seen it too – in some Walmart parking lots. They prohibit us RVers from staying overnight. Is this decision based on Walmart’s policy?  IT IS NOT!
The reason why we might stumble across signs like this is that city council has been lobbied by local campground owners (mafia?) to prohibit such stays thus forcing RVers into their overpriced RV-parks. They establish a by-law which then can be enforced by local police. Besides of that it must be a disgusting job for any constable to roust an RVer in the dead of the night. I fail to understand that ANY city council can enforce a by-law on ANY PRIVATE PROPERTY. I always thought that the USA is “the Land of the Free”. 

What some city councils do not understand is the fact that RVers who want a free stay are not going into any RV-Park, plus that the city is loosing these RVers to the next town/city/county down the road. We will never stay in any jurisdiction where city council has slithered into a Walmart parking lot.

Whenever we stay at Walmart we go shopping there. We rather spend 30 bucks on items we want and need, than paying 30 bucks for a service we really don’t need. (And some RV-Parks are already charging 40-60bucks/night) RVs have every basic amenity that I can find in a campground. Why pay for something you already have? And those RVers who feel that they must be in an RV-Park won’t stay at Walmart anyhow. With other words: By-laws who restrict overnight stays are counter productive for the local economy.
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