Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Would Like to Visit this Balancing rock

What do you think about when you hear these words? Balancing rock? What appears the first in your mind? Maybe, those are the interesting examples of the kind of art you can see on the little photo here. I admire the persons who have such a great patience to make these pieces balance. Incredible, of itself.

But I think about the natural enormous rocks that who knows how can balance on one point. Who was the creator of these art works? The God? I do not understand how could they remain in their strange position for centuries.

The first example of such art of the nature was for me Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) in Burma. I've seen a documentary how the persons adorned the shrine with gold.
After that, I learned that there are many similar rocks in the nature. You can find many information if you look for "balancing rock" in a search engine.

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