Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hotel chain reviews: Travelodge hotels

Talk about the experience: I've had reason to stay in a couple of Travelodges over the years and so far have had no complaints.

But I need to state first, you get what you pay for and must know what to expect. This review is going to be very simple and straightforward, for that is how I have found the Travelodge experience.

One in particular that sticks out in my mind is the one at Lymm services at Warrington.

A group of us decided we were going to stop half way to Loch Lomond and Lymm was that halfway point on the map. We did book in advance. I was not in charge of that department, but from memory I think we got a deal, where we got a room for about 20. With a bit of jiggery pokery, we arranged comfortable sleeping arrangements.

It is a very unfussy procedure staying here. You check in, give them your car details, so that you don't get a ticket in the services car park, and get a key/card for your room.

The room had a double and a settee which pulled out into a double bed, so you can sleep four comfortably, if you don't mind sharing. There was a television with a degree of digital stations, although I am not 100% sure how this was arranged - the point being there was something to watch, because when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere in a motorway services, you better be sure you bring a book with you, or hope there is a telly.

There was no restaurant or cafe within the lodge, though there were the adjacent services restaurant and a McDonalds. The beds were comfy, the sheets clean. There were complementary tea and coffee sachets, a kettle and cups.
The en suite consisted of a W.C., sink and bath with shower attachment. I made sure I had a long soak in the bath.

I slept reasonably well despite the comings and goings of lorrys in the lorry park at the rear. Booking out was a dawdle, just drop your key thing in the slot at the unmanned counter and go.

All said, this was a bed for my head for the night, and cheap too. It felt a little do-it-yourself, as there didn't seem to be any staff about the place, so what would have happened had there been a problem? Who knows!

I have reservations (no pun intended) about Travelodges though, based on other reviews - it seems if it can go wrong it will - though my experience, thus far, touch wood and all that, is one which has been worth the money.

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