Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gstaad, Switzerland

Rather seductive and adorably located place, full of restored cozy wooden chalets, Gstaad is actually one-street village, recognized as mountain paradise. It is extremely popular with its charming mix of visitors: from families with children to world celebrities. With its gourmet restaurants, top-class hotels, luxury chalets, and nearby airport of Saanen, the car-free resort has become popular destination for tourists, really diverse by social status. Mountain roadways and railways provide access to the resort of Gstaad where more than 30 miles of cross-country skiing trails, 10 winter sports schools and three ski areas are waiting to make your vacation really memorable. For those passionate for shopping, there are plenty of luxury boutiques, scattered through the town centre. Mountaineering, tennis, golf and hiking are just small part of the plentiful activities you may practice in Gstaad, during the summer.

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