Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Givin' Away a Navi Planner + Travel-Inspired Stickers

Our home is all for cutting down paper usage. We opt-in to paperless billing if the service provider has that option. We collect paper and cardboard boxes then sell them to Manong Bote.(eeeeeee!) Last Christmas, we skipped buying gift wrappers, and recycled paperbags instead.

For books and organizers, though, I can't kick the paper habit. I'm not comfortable reading e-books and I still can't work solely with Outlook or my phone's calendar. I still enjoy flipping actual pages and writing and planning on actual paper.

So early this week, I bought navi planners. I only need one, but the store gave me two (what a crazy random happenstance!). Nah, I bought both because to celebrate my blog's first year anniversary, I'm giving away a Navi planner plus some travel-inspired stickers that can be used to embellish it with (I like that word, embellish. Embellish. Embellish. Embellish). What could be more fitting? It's the start of the year, so the navi planner is perfect for listing down places you intend to visit this year (and other stuff you're doing in between) and epiphanies you have on your trips.


1. To qualify, you need to both ...

  • Google Friend Connect with me by clicking "Join this site" on the upper right-hand of this page.

  • Leave a comment after this entry indicating your 2013 dream destination. 

2. Let rafflecopter (the widget after #5) know that you've completed the required actions (to make your entries count!)
3. Contest ends 12AM of January 21.
4. Winner will be determined randomly via and will be announced on January 21 on The Vacation Preview's facebook page.
5. Contest is open to everyone with a Philippine shipping address. Shipping costs will be covered by The Vacation Preview.

Let me know you've completed the required actions here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will get the following prizes: 

1. navi 2013 planner

Discount coupons! 

A list of things to cross out and space for you to write your bucket list on. 

2. Vintage Travel Tag Stickers Vol. 2

3. Little Prince Stamp Stickers

4. Travel Passport Sticker Set

5. Message Stickers

6. Midori Stamp Stickers

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