Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Your home, your imagination.

Indulge me. I will write about something not so travel-related, but something I’m very passionate about, nonetheless--furniture.

This is going to sound obvious, but bear with me - when Jeff and I are not travelling, we stay athome. We are certified home buddies; most of our free time really is spent watching TV shows and movies and reading books at home. Also,with Simone around, we find that we don’t have as much time as we did before togo to the cinemas. So, yeah, we stay at home a lot, so we try our best to make itas hotel room-ish as we possibly can. 

I think Jeff will agree that the most exciting part ofsetting up of our home was hunting for furniture. We had a budget that weneeded to stick to, but we also wanted durable pieces of furniture that wouldsomewhat reflect our personality. We got some of our stuff from a surplus shopin Mandaluyong, some from a furniture store in Cubao, and some from DapitanArcade. But most of our stuff came from Pedro Gil. 

We thought Pedro Gil was the best place for furnitureshopping because the items were about 50% cheaper compared to mall prices. Thedownside is, Pedro Gil is far from where we live (or anyone lives, for that matter) and prices in differentstores vary, so you really have to scout around the area before making apurchase.

Then, two months ago, we made a trip to Mandaue Foam alongQuezon Avenue because we were looking for Simone’s kiddie table and chairs.  My friend’s mom had actually told me aboutMandaue Foam back when Jeff and I were doing hardcore furniture hunting, but Ididn’t think that they could beat the Pedro Gil prices and selection.  I was surprised to see that Mandaue Foam hasa wide range of selection, including a bunch of eye-candy home pieces that they sellfor low, low prices.  We got Simone’sIKEA Mammut chair P400 cheaper than those sold on eBay and multiply.

Now here are three things from Mandaue Foam that I think will look good in our abode:

CF-F-661T Steel Table + CF-F-661C Steel Chair. 

This outdoor dining table is perfect for the warm days we'd rather spend outside the house. The key advantage is the material, as it can withstand  rain and the sun because it's made of steel. 

 Gregory Bookcase. 

Our current bookcase is seriously about to collapse. I know our books would be so much happier if they were housed in this hip bookcase. :) 


Did I mention we're addicted to TV shows and movies? And that Jeff will die if doesn't play with the PS3? Yep, so the couch is basically our home within our home. Unfortunately, we consider the couch we currently have as, far and away, the worst purchase because it looks so ordinary and can only accommodate two people. This couch from Mandaue Foam, on the other hand, is oozing with character  and can accommodate  more people. More space for us to lounge around in. :) 

Check out Mandaue Foam's website:

*This is an entry to the "The Bourne Legacy: An Exclusive Screening by Mandaue Foam and Nuffnang" contest. 
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