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Best places to travel with children in China

With a rule about having only one child, China holds children in high-esteem. Traveling with your children to China will be a memorable journey and may even give you the image of a celebrity dealing with paparazzi. However, when you travel with children, you need to find activities that will hold their interest. There are several cities in China that will grab your children's attention.

The most popular city is the capital of Beijing. Tourists love to experience the Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square, and the Temple of Heaven. However, children can easily tire of museum and history overload. Since children are often indulged, there are plenty of activities to keep your children entertained and willing to accompany you to attractions of your choice.

Beijing World Park is only 10.6 miles from Tian'anmen Square and the layout is modeled after the continents and oceans. It is a global village that offers reproductions of world famous man-made and natural attractions from nearly fifty countries. New items are added every year. If you are traveling between May and October, be on the lookout for cultural activities from various countries to be held. It is only 65 Yuan for adults and 24 Yuan for children.

For a green oasis within the city, head to Bei Hai Park. With a history of more than 1,000 years, your children will love renting paddle boats on the lake. If you go early in the morning, they will enjoy watching locals perform tai chi and sword fighting. In the afternoon, you can play games like Chinese checkers and Mahjong with the locals. You will all marvel at the White Dagoba on Qinghu Island and the Five-Dragon Pavilions.

Fundazzle is a great reward for children who have seen one too many temples. It used to be a swimming pool, but was transformed into an indoor playground. Your children will enjoy two hours of playtime for 30 Yuan per child.

Other activities for your children in Beijing include flying a kite in Tian'anmen Square, taking a rickshaw ride through Beijing's Hutongs, or traditional alleys, or head to the zoo or aquarium.

Shanghai is another city that is filled with kid-friendly activities. Large cities may cater to those looking for the tourist attraction, but there is an understanding that children should be entertained as well.

Fuxing Park is a popular park for everyone today. Two Yuan will gain you entrance and your children will want to head straight for the children's playground. They have the option to ride the carousel or bumper cars. It's a great place to cut loose and have some fun.

Take a ride on the world's fastest train, the MagLev, or enjoy sightseeing from a double-decker bus. If these attempts at continuing your own sightseeing tour don't work, then a stop at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium will do the trick.

Children also enjoy traveling to Xi'an. China's ancient capital is home to the Terracotta Warriors. Even your children will admire these ancient silent warriors. For a little excitement, rent some bikes and ride along the ancient City Wall. It is a great way to sightsee as well as people watch. There are few vendors up on the wall, so be sure to bring plenty to drink with you. Spend some time shopping in the Xi'an markets. It is a perfect opportunity for your children to work on their bargaining skills.

If you still have some time left in the evening, head to the Xi'an Musical Fountain near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Not only is it free, but there is a light-water-music performance every night.

For those children who love adventure, Guilin has a lot to offer. Exploring the caves and taking a boat trip down the Li River are just some of the opportunities that exist. There is a magic to Guilin that draws you in, young or old, and gives you a sense of peace.

There are a number of parks to explore. If you need a break and want to head indoors, Guilin Ocean World is a great option. Explore the underwater tunnel, a waterfall area, and a touching pool. Children look in awe at the 100-year old giant salamanders and sharks.

Although introducing your children to the extensive history of China, it is important to consider their needs too. Looking at sculpture after sculpture or temple after temple can become a little mundane. Offering exciting side trips with your children in mind will keep them coming back for more.

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