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Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel, China

"Hotel reviews: Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel, China"

In a fairly convenient location in Dongcheng District, the Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel is a comfortable if not bland choice of accommodation in the capital of this colourful country.  A good point about this particular hotel is the fact that it is not far from the brilliant night food street - Dongzhimen Street – famous for being the place where every style of Chinese cuisine can be found.

There are 202 rooms and suites placed in different categories – executive suites, deluxe rooms, business rooms as well as standard rooms. At £45 per night for a standard room and much higher rates the further up you go on the upscale ladder, you would expect the rooms to be much better. Sadly, not the case.

Not to say that the rooms are hideously ugly or worse, uncomfortable, but they are fairly featureless.  Pale colours on the walls, relatively comfortable bedding, and dim lighting – décor is not the Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel’s strong point. In the smarter rooms and suites, there are more amenities and larger windows which make stays more enjoyable.

Do not expect fine dining at the Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel, but what it does serve is very good. The restaurant is located on the third floor and provides guests with a selection of Western and Chinese meals. The menu may be as boring as the décor, but the food is tasty and after all, that’s what you want from a restaurant.

It is a good thing that the Beijing Qianyuan International Business Hotel receives marks for its good location otherwise travellers would be disappointed with it. Leisure activities fall a little short in this regards – there is a souvenir shop in the hotel, plus a hair salon and a tour desk, but that’s it. If you are looking for a hotel with a gym, sauna, spa facilities or swimming pool to pamper yourself with after a hard day’s exploration of the city, you won’t find them here.

The tour desk, on the other hand, is fairly decent. The staff here, although who could certainly do with learning how to smile a bit more, provided good information about the various tours in and around Beijing.

As a hotel catering primarily to business travellers, this is the area where the hotel shines more brightly than any other aspect of it as a whole. The business centre is comfortable and practical and the equipment just as good.

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