Thursday, April 11, 2013

And Yet Another Day Flew By

With the mercury staying above 0C (32F) I consider this day a pleasant one. Oh well, it was still blowing, but out of the south, which generally makes for higher temps.
There wasn’t much to do today, Bea went over the house, stowing things away and cleaning the surfaces from the “layers of winter”.
Before we knew it it was lunch time and of course, we enjoyed Martha’s bread for sandwiches. The good thing with this bread is that you can put the slices in a toaster and it tastes like fresh from the oven again.

After coffee in the afternoon, we drove out to the Roosevelt Park. First we walked through the woods but returned along the beach.
We were totally amazed to see the major damage some powerful winter storms had done to the coastal cliffs. Trees had collapsed from the top and huge chunks of soil and turf had fallen towards  the sandy beach. At Liberty Point, one of the island’s most attractive viewpoints, an entire view platform, perched about 30ft above the waters, had been destroyed. Unfortunately we didn’t have our camera with us, but I will go back and take the pictures. It is most unbelievable, what power the sea can develop.

And that would be all for today!
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