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Tourist Information Of Portugal | Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo in Azores

Tourist Information Of Portugal | Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo in Azores. The Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo is one in each of the foremost well-liked destinations for those that have to be compelled to get pleasure from the natural good thing concerning Portugal. Though the country is not lacking in natural wonders, usually often one in each of the foremost scenic. The name of the mountain / volcano suggests that fat mountain. The situation is in Horto among the Azores archipelago.

The mountain on this web site is one in each of the foremost necessary stratovolcano and geomorphological structures among the country of Portugal. The volcano is approximately 1,043 meters on prime of ocean level. The caldera is 2 km wide. The depth is four hundred meters beneath the crater rim. From the Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo, you'll see the central islands of the Azores. These embody the Graciosa, Sao Jorge and Pico. There are also swamps, peat bogs and junct fields at the lowest of the caldera.

The Central Volcanic sophisticated was formed around 410,000 years ago by the western fringe of the Ribeirinha Volcano. Various structures among the area were formed at identical time. Researchers believe that higher and Lower cluster formations appeared thousands of years ago. The Lower cluster was noted for its Hawaiian/Strombolian explosion methodology. This explosion was marked by benmoreitic and basaltic rocks.

The higher cluster was very explosive and generated a dozen pumice deposits. The central volcano has not shown activity among the past 200 years. thanks to its nature, it is a part of every parish at the island. The volcano could also be a geomorphological unit. The crate rim walls are abrupt. However, the slopes go up in conjunction with the altitude. The volcano cowl is layered in pyroclastic material. These are composed of phreatomagmatic deposits and pumice rock. At the flanks of the volcano are the Morro de Castelo Branco and peninsula. These are composed of dense material that have withstood erosion.

The main attractions at the situation are its two volcanoes. There are also several decisions for trekking, hiking and hiking. The marvel of the atmosphere have created it a asked for destination be it among locals or foreign tourists. The Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo is quickly turning into a premier tourist spot in Portugal. If you are fascinated by nature and hiking, usually|this can be} often the place to be.

Usually, you will have to spend about 60 Euros. An extended guided tour with visits to all the major tourist sites will cost at least 3000 USD.
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