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Tourist Information Of France | Cirque de Mafate In Reunion Island

Tourist Information Of France | Cirque de Mafate In Reunion Island. If you are keen on the natural attractions that have atntangan to relish it, then the foremost effective recommendation we have a tendency to tend to are the Cirque de Mafate - Reunion Island. Located among the northwestern a locality of Reunion Island (French, Indian Ocean), Cirque de Mafate gorgeous absolutely surrounded by mountains. It's rough and wild arena is that the sole one of three natural amphitheatres island accessible solely by foot or by helicopter. Pedestrians can reach the Cirque de Mafate on the road that leads from a pair of different cirques, and once there, form of mountain Gites (small cabins) are obtainable to accommodate people who would like to stay. The shortage of cars and paved roads build stage a favorite destination for hikers as a results of they're going to explore the unspoiled wilderness burdened by cars or tour buses.

Many firms offer helicopter ride to the Cirque de Mafate from varied components of the island and advanced reservations are generally not required. Arriving at the Cirque de Mafate by helicopter may be a tremendous web site and so chooseion for guests Reunion Island many will select to not raise but still would like to establish the among of stage. If you choose on to not build the trip to the Cirque de Mafate or helicopter ride set up disturbing, you got to deem taking a visit by automobile to the summit of Maido - a scenic overlook - that, at 2,200 meters, you may relish a birds eye this arena. Currently, stage has one village, La Nouvelle, and form of further villages, situated on flat land noted because the "Ilets". All the Cirque de Mafate is public property, managed by the native forestry department. Residents of stage lease from the govt. Service with a extremely affordable value. Cirque de Mafate was first settled among the nineteenth century by folks mentioned as "red" slaves: they'd fled from their employers. Then, poor white laborers came and staked a claim here.

Residents using solar panels or diesel generators to harness power for lighting, cooking and different daily activities. Solar-powered water heaters are generally too. It takes a special fairly of us live here, as a results of there is not any mains electricity offer. Any fuel used for electricity or heating ought to be flown in by helicopter. There are, however, very little grocery stores that serve different wishes of every residents and tourists.
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