Monday, January 7, 2013

Best Travel And Vacation In Guatemala | Casa K'ojom in Antigua

Best Travel And Vacation In Guatemala | Casa K'ojom in Antigua. You can reach the place by taxi merely. It's inside the city Jocotenango. This will be only 1 mile from Antigua. The museum is found at the tip of Calle del Cemetario end, Jocotenango in Antigua. Casa K'ojom in Antigua is one among the foremost attention-grabbing museums in Guatemala. The museum is meant as a repository for musical instruments Maya.

Today, Antigua is known for a selection of religious celebrations. It's additionally one among Guatemala, Casa K'ojom preferred tourist destinations. A 7.4 quake struck on September 29, 1717, destroyed nearly 3,000 structures. Successfully earthquake will force Spain to maneuver the capital to Guatemala city these days. Tourists visiting the museum are able to see a short documentary film relating to the Mayan music. This documentary is price looking for as enhance your understanding of musical instruments inside the museum guests to the planet can see a video clip relating to the artifacts. Casa K'ojom in Antigua is additionally known for color slides. This ritual displays and events taken patron saint pageant. The museum is known for multimedia files. There are hours of sound and music. Kojom is that the Mayan word for music. Most of the artifacts inside the museum is based on the works of Samuel Franco ethnomusicologist. Antigua was founded on March 10, 1543 by Spanish conquistadors. For quite two centuries, this city will become the seat poser Spanish military governor. The initial house consists of the numerous Central America and southern Mexico.

There is atiny low memento search where you'll get some instruments. Crafts also are sold there. You'll get some music recordings Guatemala. The museum conjointly includes a heap of memorabilia and different attention-grabbing things. If you would like to require advantage of ready foods, etc. Personal rest room, area rates are around 35 USD per individual. If you would like to remain in budget hotels, you may pay regarding 4 USD per person. Budget travelers will build do with regarding 15 USD a day-to-day. Casa K'ojom in Antiguaa open Monday through Friday at 8:30 am to 4: pm. On Saturdays it's open from 8:30 am till 16:00. Entrance fee to the current museum Q30 or regarding four USD. This is often cherish 2.30 Pounds. Taxi fare is between Q25 and Q20.
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