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Tourist Information Of Dominican Republic | Altos de Chavon in La Romana

Tourist Information Of Dominican Republic | Altos de Chavon in La Romana. If you visit the Dominican Republic, then there is a stunning tourist location for your visit Altos de Chavon is in La Romana. Usually|this can be} often one amongst the cultural tourist attractions worth a look. Altos de Chavon in La Romana is one in every of the premier attractions within the Dominican Republic. Whereas the country has several sightseeing spots, few will compare with the charm of this village. The village may be found in La Romana. It overlooks the Chavon River. The address is Apartado Postal a hundred and forty, La Romana, Dominican Republic. Once you get to the Chavon River, search for a village surrounded by fauna and flora.

The village design is paying homage to fifteenth century design prevalent in Europe. The layout and magnificence is extremely very like a typical European village throughout the medieval age. Just like the commonplace medieval village, the alleyways have cobble over them. There are shuttered limestone walls and lanterns by the roads. Apart from the sheer fantastic thing about the place, there are several Mediterranean themed restaurants in Altos de Chavon in La Romana.

The main attraction within the website is that the 5,000-seat amphitheater. Made within the Roman vogue, it's been the staging ground for international acts. Frank Sinatra, Duran Duran, the Pet look Boys, Julio Iglesias and Andrea Bocelli are some of the artists who have performed here. The Regional Museum of Archeology may be a repository of pre-Columbian Indian artifacts. These were excavated within the space nearby.

Construction of the village began in 1976. It commenced with the building of a road and bridge over the Chavon River. The thought of creating a fifteenth century Mediterranean village was the brainchild of Charles Bludorn of Gulf Western. The edifice was finished throughout the first Eighties. The current president of village is Dominique Bluhdorn, the son of Charles.

The entry fee is regarding 25 USD per individual. This doesn't embody the fees for staying at the native hotels nearby. There are travel packages that provide tours of the location together with alternative amenities.

The village is additionally a showcase of the crafts of the native artists. There are galleries showing the skills of the scholars at the La Escuela de Diseno. This is often in association with the Parsons faculty of style in big apple town. Those visiting the Altos de Chavon in La Romana ought to additionally look into St. Stanislaus Church. The most attractions here are the flowery fountain and therefore the plaza. The church was named when Poland’s patron saint. This was in honor of Pope John Paul II who visited the country in 1979.
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