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Best Travel And Vacation In Indonesia | Bukit Lawang, The Sanctuary of Orangutans

Best Travel And Vacation In Indonesia | Bukit Lawang, The Sanctuary of Orangutanss. Discover the Sumatran jungle and have an out of doors journey with orangutans to remain you company at the jungle village of Bukit Lawang. Literally which implies "door to the hills", Bukit Lawang might be a small village situated at the south of the Mount Leuseur National Park. It's located relating to ninety kilometers northwest of Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra.

Bukit Lawang might be a gateway to the legendary Sumatran jungle with it’s steep slippery terrain and muddy slopes, exploring the jungle here might be a real journey. Trek through the breathtakingly thick jungle and be transported into to new world.

It is the gentle giants of the jungle, the orangutans, that are the foremost attraction here. Bukit Lawang is one of the only places at intervals the globe to satisfy this rare and endangered primate. See these swish creatures swing through the forest cowl as they forage for fruit. This could be one of the most important stronghold communities of orangutans, with quite 5000 of them living at intervals the here.

The Orangutan rehabilitation center is where young orphaned orangutans are trained to live at intervals the wild. The center has been operating since 1973 and currently attracts guests from around the world who come here to catch a glimpse of these excellent orphaned creatures.

The number of orangutans at intervals the jungle has decreased as a results of wanting, animal trading and a broken surroundings. The rehabilitation center helps orangutans regain their natural habits by putting them through intensive coaching before their unharness back to the wild. Once a primate heads back the jungle, the rehabilitation center keeps providing it with food supplements and regular check-ups.
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