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Asbyrgi in Akureyri; the foremost spectacular natural landmarks in Iceland

Asbyrgi in Akureyri. The Asbyrgi in Akureyri is one among the foremost spectacular natural landmarks in Iceland. This website has long been standard among the native residents and is turning into a success with foreign tourists further. The canyon is situated to the north of the country. It's one or two of hours removed from Akureyri. It's a element of the Jokulsargljufur National Park. You'll reach town of Akureyri by method of the Route 1-Ring Road. You'll conjointly fly to town direct. The canyon is at the east.

The depression is 1.1 km across and 3.5 km long. If you go there, you'll see that the canyon is separated through the middle via a singular rock formation. Called the Eyjan (“the Island”), it's twenty five meters high. You'll hike to the situation. The reward for the hikers are beautiful views of the world. The Asbyrgi in Akureyri is marked by one hundred m high cliffs. Within the depths of the willyon one can stroll along willow and birch. You'll conjointly see some pine, larch and fir trees. There's conjointly a lake nearby where totally different waterfowl species live. Apart from the canyon, you'll conjointly explore the nearby sites like Myvatn. Not off from the positioning is that the Devil’s Kitchen with its sulfur fields. There's conjointly the Godafoss waterfall.

There are many theories on how the canyon was fashioned. However it's presumably the results of glacial flooding of the Jokulsa a Fjollum river. This most likely occurred 10,000 years ago throughout the Ice Age. It most likely repeated some 3,000 years ago. This can justify why the river currently courses two km east.

There is no admission fee or entry fee required to go to the positioning. However, there are several travel packages that embody it in their itinerary. The prices wil vary looking on the amenities provided for.

According to legend, the canyon was created when Sleipnir, the eight legged horse of Odin, stepped on the land. There are alternative legends related to the positioning. For instance, the world is claimed to be the house of the huldufolk, the “hidden people”. They supposedly reside within the fissures within the cliffs. Asbyrgi in Akureyri may be a great spot to travel hiking, however initial time guests are suggested to urge a guide. Having somebody who is conversant in the environment can facilitate within the navigation.
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