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Agbokim Waterfalls; the foremost majestic views of nature in Nigeria

Tourist Information Of Nigeria | Agbokim Waterfalls. The Agbokim Waterfalls inside the Cross River State offer variety of the foremost majestic views of nature in Nigeria. The continent is created in natural wonders, but these waterfalls have an exceptional beauty.

The falls are close to the Cameroon-Nigeria border. If you reside close to the border, you’ll be able to drive to the positioning. Those at Ikom are solely thirty km away, so it's easy to reach. Cross River State can also be accessed via Calabar’s Margaret Ekpo International Airport.

The waterfall consists of the many falls of varying widths. The cascading waters are enveloped by lush greens. The waterfalls are actually surrounded by a forest. The Agbokim Waterfalls is also a good spot to travel swimming. Nature lovers can also go hiking and trekking inside the area. The falls are acceptable for having picnics. Once you approach the positioning, the clarity of the falls becomes clear instantly. On certain occasions, you'll conjointly see a rainbow inside the area.

Cross River State is additionally known for its festivals. One in all the foremost in vogue is that the thirty day Cross River State Christmas pageant. It's packed with games, cultural shows and art exhibitions.

The Cross River State was established on 25 may, 1967 in Nigeria’s jap region. It became referred to as Cross River State throughout the state creation in 1976. The Aka Ibom State was created from it in September 1987. Except the capital Calabar, completely different vital cities are Akpabuyo, Obanliku, Obudu and Akamkpa.

The Cross River State has many completely different tourist attractions. These embody the Afi rainforests and Obudu mountains. The Calabar River offers nice views of Calabar Slave Park and additionally the Tinapa Business Resort. Completely different attractions embody the Calabar Residency Museum and Calabar Marina. Those at the Agbokim Waterfalls inside the Cross River State could additionally ought to visit the Ikom Monoliths. These are monoliths manufactured from volcanic stone. These were formed from 2400 BC to at least one AD. Completely different nearby attractions are the Calabar Drill Monkey Sanctuary and additionally the Mary Slessor Tomb.

Flights to Nigeria cost around $600 at least. There is no admission fee for visiting the falls. Trekking is also free. But if you avail of a tour operator, it will cost you. The advantage is that you get a guided tour not just of the falls, but also the other areas.
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