Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Nature Travel Destination in United States: Kobuk Valley

It offers a lot of breathtaking vistas, exquisite settings drawn out by nature, and an abundance of activities for every visitor, from hiking the sand dunes and forests to fishing the teeming rivers and waterways. Kobuk Valley, that's found several miles north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, was declared a nature reserve among the late twentieth century, but it has been a historically very important area for humans still as animals. Though it's smaller than the two various national parks among the area, Gates of the Arctic and Wrangell-St Elias, Kobuk Valley National Park incorporates a range of the foremost distinctive landscapes found in Alaska.

For a minimum of the past 12,000 years, human civilizations have lived on this unforgiving arctic land, using it as a base for trying. One amongst the foremost archaeologically very important sites in Kobuk Valley National Park is that the Onion Portage, along the Kobuk River, where artifacts from quite seventy distinct cultures are unearthed. A lot of moderen discoveries have confirmed human activity in various areas along the river and among the mountain pass between Kobuk and Noatak Valley. Additionally to human activity, ancient fossils of Ice Age animals are preserved throughout this region.

The large a lot of caribou, among various wildlife, that stand up to this area are the foremost attraction in Kobuk Valley for several civilizations throughout history. Today, Kobuk Alaska continues to be renowned for the herds of caribou that also traverse the normal valley. Additionally to the caribou, guests might additionally spot grizzly bears, wolves, lynx, beavers, hares, and an expansion of different animals that call the Kobuk Valley National Park home.

Among the foremost exceptional geological choices of the park are the great Kobuk Sand Dunes, and what makes these dunes thus notable is their arctic location. The summer temperatures at this dune field, that covers 25 sq. miles and rise to at least one hundred feet, can reach quite 100 degrees Fahrenheit, despite being located forty miles north of the Arctic Circle. By hiking concerning one mile along the Kavet Creek from the Kobuk River, trekkers can reach the sand dunes, that's absolute to be a beautiful experience.

The various styles of activities that happen in Kobuk Alaska embody boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and even skiing and dog sledding in sure areas throughout the winter months. Guests need to keep in mind that the Kobuk Valley maintains no established facilities for activities and guests, thus equipment ought to be provided by the visitor, and advanced activities, like skiing and sledding, need to solely be undertaken if you are experienced yourself or have an experienced guide to supervise you.

There are no fees for coming back into the park or camping, and no reservations are required for those about to started camp. There are also community and cultural programs offered at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center, providing data and activities with reference to the history and analysis that goes on among the Kobuk Valley National Park. From delving into history to simply enjoying the scenery to exploring the troublesome landscape, guests of Kobuk Alaska will notice various attention-grabbing sights and excursions that will build a visit to the park a shot to remember for years to come back.
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